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8.11 Updating UC Tenants
You must update UC Tenants regularly in order to ensure that the customers’ systems always have the latest software status and function perfectly.
UC Tenants, for whom an update task is scheduled are marked with the icon in the list of UC Tenants at UC Tenant level.
In the menu under Platform | UC Tenant Tasks | Update Tasks, you can find the current status for all tasks, see section Status.
To update all UC Tenants on the platform or from a Partner 
1 In the menu, select Platform | UC Tenant Tasks | Update Tasks
select in the menu Partner and click in the line of the corresponding partner on Select.
Administrators of the partner level choose in the menu Administration.
*A list appears with all available software versions in SwyxON or for the selected Partner.
2 Click on to define the following settings:
You can only edit the update settings for at platform level.
Software version
Software version
UC Tenants
Number of UC Tenants with this software version
Available languages for the software version
Use for new UC Tenant
Activate the checkbox if you do not want the software version to be selectable when creating UC Tenants.
Recommend update
Activate the checkbox to mark an update of the software selected to a different version as recommended.
Update prohibited
Activate the checkbox if you do not want the selected software version to be selectable when updating UC Tenants.
For testing purposes
Activate the checkbox if you want to mark the software as a test version.
Trial versions are only available to platform administrators.
When the checkbox is selected, the software is selectable when creating UC Tenants, even if Use for new UC Tenants is deactivated.
Assigned Swyx Control Center Version
3 Click on Save.
4 Click on Update UC Tenants to create an update task..
*The Update UC Tenants configuration wizard appears.
5 Define when the UC Tenants should be updated.
The update is executed directly after creating the task. If there are other tasks scheduled for an earlier time, they are executed first.
Platform maintenance window
The update is executed within the platform maintenance window, see also section Defining the maintenance window for UC Tenants.
Custom time
Click or to select the date or time for the update.
6 In the Configuration Wizard , click on Next.
7 Define the update options.
Target software version
Select the software version to which you want to update the UC Tenants.
Forced update
Activate the checkbox if update tasks for the selected UC Tenants may only be deleted by Platform level Administrators.
Activate the checkbox if you want the selected UC Tenants to be redeployed.
Send E-mail
Activate the checkbox if an email notification on the update should be sent to the Administrators of the appropriate Partner.
Send e-mail (customer)
Select the checkbox to send an e-mail notification about the update to the contact person of the corresponding customer company. You should have entered the corresponding e-mail address under General Settings of the UC Tenant, see Editing the general settings for UC Tenants.
An e-mail notification contains information about the date and software version of the upcoming update.
If you cancel the update, a new notification is sent to the same e-mail addresses.
You can select both an older and a newer software version. However, compatibility with older versions cannot be guaranteed.
8 In the Configuration Wizard , click on Next.
9 Activate the checkbox in the line of the UC Tenants which you want to select.
Click on or to show or hide the complete list of the appropriate Partner’s UC Tenants.
Click or to select or deselect all elements.
10 Click on Create.
11 Click Finish.
*The update task is created and the selected UC Tenants are updated to the selected software version at the point in time defined.
To update a selected UC Tenant 
1 In the menu, select UC Tenant.
*A list appears with all UC Tenants or the selected Partner’s UC Tenants.
2 Click in the row of the corresponding UC tenant on Select.
*The submenu for UC Tenant. You can edit the settings for the selected UC Tenant.
3 Select in the menu UC Tenant | General Settings.
4 Click on Update UC Tenant.
*The Update UC Tenants configuration wizard appears.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022