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8.1 UC Tenants order type
UC Tenants differ in how they are ordered from the service provider:
UC Tenants ordered directly via SwyxON
These UC Tenants are automatically ordered when the partner preconfigures and creates the corresponding UC Tenant object in his SwyxON area, see Create UC Tenants
Billing for these UC Tenants is done according to the feature profiles assigned at creation and according to the usage reports.
UC Tenants ordered via Operator
Operator UC Tenants must first be ordered on the product management platform "Swyx Operator".
Assignment of user profiles and licensing is done directly when ordering in Operator. The billing of the created UC tenant is also done via Operator.
When a UC Tenant is successfully ordered via Operator, the data is forwarded to SwyxON and the corresponding entry appears in the menu UC Tenant Tasks, in the list on the tab Operator Tenants.
You can call the configuration wizard for creating an Operator UC Tenant directly via the button
Create UC Tenant in the corresponding line, see To create a UC Tenant from step 6.
Operator UC tenants that appear only as entries in the list of UC tenants and have not yet been created are not taken into account when configuring multiple UC tenants in one step (platform, partner administration).
An Operator UC tenant cannot be removed in SwyxON. This operation must be done via Operator.
If a Partner only manages Operator UC Tenants, the following items are not available to him in SwyxON menu:
- Function profiles
- Reporting
- Serial numbers of the server license
Last modified date: 01/19/2024