help | 8 Create and edit UC Tenants | Viewing the list of all UC Tenants
8.3 Viewing the list of all UC Tenants
You can view general information in the list of all UC Tenants.
To view the list of all UC Tenants 
1 Select in the menu UC Tenant.
A list appears with all UC Tenants or the selected Partner’s UC Tenants.
*The following information appears:
Icons may appear to the left of the name that provide hints on update tasks, see also section Status.
UC Tenant’s name
UC Tenant’s domain
Software version
UC Tenant’s software version
For UC Tenants ordered via Operator but not created yet, this column is empty.
You can click Select and then click Create UC Tenant to create a UC Tenant with the pre-ordered details.
UC Tenant’s language setting
Instance ID
Anonymized UC Tenant’s name
Customer ID
UC Tenant’s ID for identification purposes
Scale Unit
For optimized resource management, the hardware and software components required to manage and operate UC tenants are combined into a single resource unit called a scale unit
For support cases, always specify the Scale Unit of the affected UC Tenants.
Control Center
Click the button to open the Swyx Control Center assigned to this UC Tenant, see Accessing Swyx Control Center
Click the button to view the UC Tenant and edit the settings, see Editing the general settings for UC Tenants
Last modified date: 01/19/2024