Migration tasks
A started migration is only entered in the list of UC Tenant Tasks. All migration tasks on the platform are performed sequentially in the chronological order.
You can also track the ongoing migration process or retrace a failed migration.
To view the migration tasksĀ 
1 Select in the menu Platform or Partner | UC Tenant Tasks.
2 Click on Migrations.
*The list of all migration tasks that have just started, are currently running or have failed appears:
The name of the UC tenant that was entered for the migration.
Instance ID
The instance on which the UC Tenant is operated.
The date and time when the process of migration was started.
The date and time at which the process of migration was completed.
Source-Scale Unit
The scale unit from which the UC tenant is/was migrated.
Target Scale Unit
The scale unit to which the UC tenant is/was migrated.
A stage of the migration process in which the migration is currently taking place or in which it has been interrupted.
If the migration has failed, the entry remains in the list Migrations so that you can take a closer look at the history.
Click the icon to download a log file from a failed migration.
Click the icon to delete the failed migration entry.
Click the button to view every step of the process.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022