help | 8 Creating and editing UC Tenants | Re-creating UC Tenants
8.5 Re-creating UC Tenants
If the creation of a UC Tenant has failed you can re-create the UC Tenant with one click. Metadata like name, domain and location settings are retained.
To re-create a UC Tenant 
1 In the menu, select UC Tenant.
*A list appears with all UC Tenants or the selected Partner’s UC Tenants.
2 Click in the row of the corresponding UC tenant on Select.
*The submenu for UC Tenant. You can edit the settings for the selected UC Tenant.
3 Select in the menu UC Tenant | General Settings.
4 Click on Create UC Tenant again.
5 Click on Yes to confirm the operation.
*The UC Tenant is newly created.
*The status of the new creation appears in the RMS changelog. When the rebuild is complete Recreate UC Tenant is hidden.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022