help | 8 Creating and editing UC Tenants | Accessing SwyxWare Administration
8.8 Accessing SwyxWare Administration
Some of the settings for UC Tenants or SwyxServer are only available via SwyxWare Administration. The following is required for remote administration:
*Installation of SwyxWare Administration on the computer from which access is to be made
*Installation of the remote access tool Remote Admin Connector on the computer from which access is to be made
*Authentication token (SwyxON) or SwyxWare login data
*IP address and port or the UC Tenant’s or SwyxServer‘s FQDN
Remote Admin Connector must be installed before the installation of the SwyxWare Administration. If there is already a SwyxWare Administration installation on your system, you must uninstall the program and reinstall it after the installation of Remote Admin Connector.
To copy the authentication token 
1 In the menu, select UC Tenant.
*A list appears with all UC Tenants or the selected Partner’s UC Tenants.
2 Click in the row of the corresponding UC tenant on Select.
*The submenu for UC Tenant. You can edit the settings for the selected UC Tenant.
3 Select in the menu UC Tenant | General Settings.
4 Click on UC Administration.
The following information will appear:
UC Tenant network IP address
IP address for connection of the network with SwyxON
Management network IP address
IP address for connection of the RMS with SwyxON
Remote administration
IP address and port for remote access to the UC Tenant’s SwyxWare Administration, see section Accessing SwyxWare Administration.
Authentication token
Token for accessing a UC Tenant’s SwyxWare Administration
Period of validity for the current token in minutes
The authentication token is created automatically when a UC Tenant is created and is valid for one hour after creation. Reload the page to create a new token.
5 Click on .
*The authentication token is stored in your clipboard.
For information on installation of and login to Remote Admin Connector, see$.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022