help | 5 User interface and menu navigation | Navigating and defining settings
5.1 Navigating and defining settings
The configuration options on menu pages and in configuration wizards depend on your Administrator profile.
To create administrative units and configure basic settings, the corresponding menu pages provide configuration wizards. Use the Next, Back and Cancel buttons to navigate within the configuration wizard. In general, you are offered additional optional settings in step before last.
On the menu pages you can find further settings under various tabs; these can be defined after creation.
If inputs are incorrect or missing, and a red margin around the corresponding field are displayed. An explanatory error message appears if you remain over the field with the mouse pointer.
Using the navigation path in configuration wizards and on menu pages, you can find your way around SwyxON Portal and return to a previous step or to a higher-level menu item with just one click.
With a single click on the logo in the title bar, you can return directly to the homepage.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022