help | 5 User interface and menu navigation
5 User interface and menu navigation
You can only use the full functionality of the web portal if cookies and pop-ups are permitted in your browser settings.
Fig. 5-1: Homepage (Example with additional control elements for visualization)
The elements shown on the User interface are based on context and/or profile, i.e. they vary for each user.
If individual administration areas cannot be accessed or if error messages occur during configuration, please contact your provider.
Title bar
*On the let of the title page, the context title shows the administrative unit selected by you (Partner and, if applicable, additional UC Tenant).
*On the right, your name and user picture are displayed.
Click on the field with your name to set the following settings:
Select the desired language for the SwyxON interface.
User information
Change your email address or display name.
User’s picture
Upload (via Drag & Drop) a user picture. Use images in png format not larger than 100x100 pixels.
Here you can change your password.
Select Dark to switch to the dark mode. Standard: Light.
*In addition, the title bar may display an icon , which gives you an overview of UC Tenant-related tasks with just one click. If necessary, other symbols are displayed to indicate information and error messages. Stay with the mouse pointer over an icon to display the information.
*Further information about your current settings is displayed under the title bar. Click on to hide the information.
Menu bar
On every page, you will see the menu that provides you with access to settings and information such as statistics in the SwyxON Portal.
The menu structure matches the SwyxON administration levels with decreasing hierarchy (Platform, Partner, UC Tenant).
At Partner and UC Tenant level, the menu adapts to the Administrative Unit you have selected (Partner or UC Tenant), i.e. the pages accessed via the menu depend on the Administrative Unit you have selected.
When you have selected a UC Tenant, you can remove the selection by clicking on Display all in the menu under UC Tenant. The UC Tenants for all Partners in SwyxON are then displayed again.
Use the arrow keys to hide or reveal submenu items.
The Partner and UC Tenant submenu items are only displayed if you have selected a Partner or a UC Tenant.
Show all available sub-menu items
Hide all available sub-menu items
Show individual sub-menu items
Hide individual sub-menu items
Fully hide menu
(only appears if you remain above the menu bar with the mouse pointer)
Fully display menu
Main area
An overview of your created system units (Distributors, Partners and UC Tenants, if applicable) appears on the start page with buttons for fast access to your tasks - a single click suffices to reach the appropriate menu item.
On the menu pages, various settings appear as well as buttons providing access to configuration wizards.
To access the help system, click on on the top right on a page or in a configuration wizard.
Footer bar
You can access the following information in the footer bar:
Redirects you to the list of open source software that was or is used in the development of SwyxON. Here you will find the corresponding license information.
Data protection
Redirects you to the Swyx privacy policy.
Redirects you to the Swyx Imprint.
In the context of a selected UC Tenant you will also find the PermaLink here, see UC Tenant (in case of support) fast sharing with PermaLink.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022