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8.32 Downloading usage reports from UC Tenants
For Operator UC Tenants, billing is done via Operator.
Only if a partner operator and SwyxON manages UC Tenants, the billing for both types will appear in its usage report.
In SwyxON, data of the installed users and functions is logged daily. The data is stored in the reporting database and automatically sent once per month to Swyx, the provider, and to the appropriate Partner as necessary.
To obtain the current status of the database in the open billing period, you can download an intermediate report in SwyxON Portal . This report records all data since the last monthly report up to the last daily data entry. Downloading this report does not reset the reporting, i.e. next monthly report still records the complete billing period, beginning with the dispatch time of the preceding monthly report. The interim report is not saved, i.e. it does not appear in the list of sent reports (Tab Usage reports). You can also download older reports again.
To download usage reports from UC TenantsĀ 
1 In the menu, select Partner.
*A list appears with all Partners in SwyxON.
Administrators of the partner level choose in the menu Administration.
2 In the row of the corresponding partner, click on Select.
*The submenu appears Partner. You can edit the settings for the selected Partner.
3 Click on the additionally appeared submenu item Reporting.
4 Click on Usage reports.
*A list appears with all usage reports for the selected Partner.
5 Click on Download usage report to download a report with data from the current billing period.
in the line of the appropriate report, click on , to download the report.
A list of all UC Tenants of a partner with billing-relevant information can be found after selecting the corresponding partner in the menu under Partner | Reporting | UC Tenants.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022