help | 8 Creating and editing UC Tenants | Send welcome emails
8.6 Send welcome emails
You can send a welcome email with login credentials to all users at any time, for example, when you have newly created a UC Tenant or migrated to another Scale Unit.
Welcome emails are delivered to SwyxWare users via the email server. Ensure that an email server has been configured on the UC Tenant and email addresses have been set for all users.
The mentioned settings have to be done via Swyx Control Center, see
To send welcome emails 
1 Select in the menu UC Tenant.
*A list appears with all UC Tenants or the selected Partner’s UC Tenants.
2 Click in the row of the corresponding UC tenant on Select.
*The submenu for UC Tenant. You can edit the settings for the selected UC Tenant.
3 Select in the menu UC Tenant | Administration.
4 Click on Send welcome emails.
5 Click on Yes to confirm the operation.
*Welcome emails have been sent out
Last modified date: 07/20/2022