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8.18 Delete UC Tenants
You can delete UC Tenants in SwyxON.
Deletion of a UC Tenant includes all allocated users and is irreversible.
Do not delete a UC Tenant as long as a VPN connection still exists on the customer’s side. The VPN connection must be cut off at least 24 hours prior to deleting a UC Tenant.
To delete a UC Tenant 
1 Select in the menu UC Tenant.
*A list appears with all UC Tenants or the selected Partner’s UC Tenants.
2 In the row of the corresponding UC tenant, click on Select.
*The submenu for UC Tenant. You can edit the settings for the selected UC Tenant.
3 Select in the menu UC Tenant | General Settings.
4 Click on Delete.
*A dialogue window with an overview of all users and further elements allocated to the UC Tenant is displayed.
5 Enter your administrator password and click on Delete to delete the UC Tenant irrevocably.
*The UC Tenant and all assigned users are deleted and the UC Tenant Administrator no longer has access to SwyxON.
Last modified date: 10/31/2023