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8.14 Swyx Control CenterEditing-Assignments
UC Tenants may have different SwyxWare versions installed. Each UC Tenant must be assigned a corresponding compatible Swyx Control Center version.
You can configure a default mapping for all SwyxWare versions that do not have a specific mapping or you can create a specific mapping for the SwyxWare versions that are not allowed to use the default mapping.
To edit the Swyx Control CenterAssignments 
1 Click in the menu on Platform | UC Tenant Tasks
Click on the additionally appeared submenu item Edit SCC assignment.
*The configuration wizard appears Edit SCC assignments.
2 Define a default mapping for the software versions.
Generic assignment
Define a default mapping for the software versions.
3 Click on Next.
4 Add mappings for SwyxWare versions that may not use the default mapping.
New target
Enter the number of the Swyx Control Center version that you want to assign to a SwyxWare version.
Local version
Select the SwyxWare version to which you want to assign a Swyx Control Center version from the drop-down list.
5 Click on Add.
*The created assignment appears in the list of the specific assignments.
6 Click on Next.
*The Swyx Control Center assignments have been saved.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022