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7.5 Deleting Feature Profiles
Before deleting a Feature Profile, please ensure that this Feature Profile is no longer assigned to a User. At Platform level, the Feature Profiles are deleted for all Partners and the assigned UC Tenants, at Partner level you can delete Feature Profiles for selected Partners and the assigned UC Tenants.
You can only delete the Feature Profiles you have compiled yourself.
To delete a Feature Profile for one or all Partners 
1 In the menu, select Platform | Feature Profiles
in the menu, select Partner and click in the line of the appropriate Partner on Select.
Click on the sub-menu item Feature Profiles that additionally appears.
*A list appears with all Feature Profiles in SwyxON or of the selected Partner.
2 In the line of the appropriate Feature Profile, click on .
3 Click on Yes to confirm the process.
*The Feature Profile is deleted and no longer available.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022