help | 7 Creating and editing Feature Profiles
7 Creating and editing Feature Profiles
A Feature Profile consists of the individual features available to a User in SwyxON. The profiles “M” and “L” are preconfigured and include all the features ordered.
You determine the features available to Partners for the creation of Feature Profiles via Feature Profiles at Platform level.
For creating and editing Feature Profiles, please use the SwyxON Portal only. Changes can be made via SwyxWare Administration, these are, however, not permanent.
You are provided with the following options for creating Feature Profiles:
*Adapting the Feature Profiles preconfigured by Swyx
*Compiling individual Feature Profiles
Additionally, you can use the Feature Profiles preconfigured by Swyx unchanged.
If you want a preconfigured Feature Profile is no longer used, you must replace it with a different, individually compiled Feature Profile, see also Replacing Feature Profiles.
Partner Administrators can adapt and use the Feature Profiles created at Platform level.
For information regarding the licensing procedure in SwyxON see the performance specification.
The options on menu pages and in configuration wizards depend on your administration profile and on which menu entry you accessed the configuration wizard.
Flat-Rate Feature Profiles
As platform administrator, you can create feature profiles in which particular functions are not to be billed. Instead, only the number of such feature profiles ordered for a customer is billed. The use of particular features is not recorded in usage reports.
First create a function profile with the required functions and then activate Features of this profile will not be accounted, see Editing Feature Profiles, step (3).
Function profiles with flat rate billing are marked with a check mark in the Profile Price column.
Partner administrators may not change function profiles with flat-rate billing.
Last modified date: 03.30.2023