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Set connection type
You use the connection type to specify whether your calls are to be routed via a VoIP or GSM connection by default or whether you want to decide spontaneously which connection type to use before setting up the call.
To specify the type of connection 
1 Select More | Settings.
2 Tap on Connection type.
You have the following options:
Connection type
All calls are made via an existing internet connection (VoIP).
All calls are made via your mobile network.
When attempting a call, you can choose individually whether you would like to make the call via VoIP or your mobile network.
3 Tap on the desired connection type.
Depending on the option selected, your calls are now made via VoIP or your mobile network. If you select Request, a popup window appears when attempting a call, in which you can select the desired connection type.
If you disable the VoIP feature while using Swyx Mobile for iOS, calls are subject to the resulting fees of your mobile service provider.
The global settings of the connection type made in this context can be changed manually per call. For further information, please refer to Starting and ending calls.
Last modified date: 03.08.2022