help | 9 Adding and removing favorites
9 Adding and removing favorites
You can mark colleagues and business partners you frequently speak with as favorites. This means you always have access to your most important contacts at a glance and can access them with a single tap on the respective profile picture.
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations. If you have any questions in particular concerning data protection regulations in SwyxWare, please contact your administrator.
Personal data cannot be deleted automatically. In order to meet the valid data protection regulations, it may be necessary to delete the entries manually.
To add a contact to your favorites 
1 In the Favorites, tap on +.
*The menu Contacts opens.
2 Tap on a contact whose number you would like to add to your Favorites. You can also add groups to your favorites.
*The corresponding contact profile appears.
3 Tap on the star next to the number you would like use as a speed dial number.
If you are already in the Contacts menu, the way via the Favorites menu is not required. In this case continue with step (2).
*The contact will now appear in your favorites.
To remove contacts from your Favorites 
1 Under Favorites, tap on Edit.
*Your favorites are moving.
2 Tap on the favorites you want to remove. They are flagged with a check mark.
3 Tap on the Recycle bin.
4 Confirm the security prompt with Remove.
Last modified date: 03.08.2022