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1.1 Required software components
To operate SwyxON, the following components are required:
UC Tenant
UC Tenants are unified communications telephone systems created via SwyxON Portal and operated on virtual machines. Each customer company has its own UC Tenant with a SwyxWare installation.
Swyx Control Center und SwyxWare Administration
Via Swyx Control Center and SwyxWare Administration, administrators in customer companies can define settings for their own UC Tenant. Administrators at the partner level without a SwyxWare account can access their customers’SwyxWare Administration and Swyx Control Center for a limited time via authentication token.
See also the SwyxWare documentation for administrators and the Swyx Control Center documentation:
SwyxON Portal
Via SwyxON Portal Administrators at Partners and Providers can configure and maintain the SwyxON environment and/or their assigned UC Tenants.
Partners are created via SwyxON Portal to allow partner companies to define settings for their assigned UC Tenants.
Management Service
The administrative access to the SwyxON services is regulated via the Management Service. Depending on the administration profile, only selected areas of the system are made available to the Administrator for configuration and commands are forwarded to corresponding services.
Resource Management Service (RMS)
RMS coordinates the creation, editing and updating of UC Tenants.
SQL server cluster with databases for UC Tenant and Backend
Database management is performed by multiple SQL databases on separate virtual machines. Each UC Tenant has its own database in which the configuration data and user files such as voicemail messages or fax files are stored. The backend system also has a separate database.
Billing relevant data is collected via SwyxReporting and sent to the server as well as the configured e-mail addresses.
Other services
Other services include the central e-mail service, Windows Update Service and Windows Domain Controller.
Last modified date: 07/20/2022