SwyxWare 12 - ReadMe



1 Important changes in:

SwyxWare 12.00

2 System requirements

Operating systems

SwyxWare 12 is supported on the following Windows operating system versions:

Supported Database versions

SwyxWare 12 supports the following database versions:


Please refer to the Release Notes for a list of supported hardware devices.

For detailed server hardware recommendations see:


Updatable SwyxWare versions

SwyxWare 12 can update SwyxWare 2015 R40.3 or a previous 11.xx.xx version. Updates from older versions are not supported. Updates of SwyxWare Compact are not supported. Please contact your reseller for migrating options.

The recommended update procedure is to update SwyxServer first, then SwyxWare Administration. Client should be updated last.

It is recommended to update SwyxWare directly instead of removing the old version first.

3 Update License

You need a "SwyxServer 12 Update" license to be able to run SwyxWare 12 after an update from any SwyxWare 11 or older version. SwyxWare setup asks you for an update license key.

Note that the aforementioned license has nothing to do with the "Software Update Licenses Service" key. See also: https://www.swyx.com/products/support/knowledge-base/article-details/swyxknowledge/kb2928

4 Installation

For detailed installation instructions see the SwyxWare Administrator Documentation. You can find user manuals online at https://help.swyx.com

Online Licensing of SwyxWare 11.50 and higher is not supported in Master - Standby scenarios.

Microsoft Service Packs and Updates

Ensure that the latest Windows operating system Service Packs and SQLServer Service Packs are installed as well. We recommend to have Windows Update enabled to automatically get important Microsoft security updates for your operating system.

5 Updating a SwyxWare Installation

The server components of SwyxWare should be updated first, then the SwyxIt! clients. Older SwyxIt! versions are not fully supported and need to be updated to v11.

It is not recommended to remove the older SwyxWare version first.

If you are updating your SwyxStandby systems please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for detailed installation instructions: https://www.swyx.com/products/support/knowledge-base/article-details/swyxknowledge/kb3171

Make sure that the Windows account used for running the SwyxWare 12 setup has got administrative rights on the system where SwyxWare is installed.

Please note that the user account used for running the SwyxWare services must not have administrative rights. If you have created the service account for yourself, make sure that the account is not a member of the local administrators or domain administrators group. This ensures that SwyxWare services do not run with higher privileges than necessary.

6 SwyxStandby installing account

It is highly recommended to use the same Windows domain account for installation or update of the Master and the Standby SwyxServer. This account needs local administrative rights on both systems.

7 SQLExpress with SwyxStandby

When using SQLExpress on the standby server you have to install the 'Replication' feature of SQLExpress before installing SwyxWare.

8 SwyxWare services with multiple IP addresses

Some Windows Servers own multiple IP addresses (e.g. for multiple network cards or when using remote access software). Under such circumstances, SwyxWare services might use a wrong IP address. Therefore the preferred IP address can be configured within the Windows registry. Please add to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Swyx\General\CurrentVersion\Options a string value named "LocalIpAddress" and set the value to the IP address the SwyxWare services ought to use.

9 SIP Provider Compatibility List "ProviderProfiles.config"

Using STUN for SIP Trunks please keep in mind that the STUN server must be always available. Otherwise telephoning is sometimes not possible via these Trunks.

The delivered Compatibility List "ProviderProfiles.config" configures STUN.SWYX.COM for some providers instead of their own STUN server. This Swyx STUN Server is only meant as a placeholder. It isn't always available. Please replace this STUN server on the tab "SIP" in the Trunk Group properties using a STUN server which is supported by the provider.

SwyxWare Administration

1 Installation / Update

SwyxWare Administration 12 requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2, which is either part of the Windows operating system or can be installed via Windows Update.

To play or record WAV-Files for hold music, voicemail, etc. SwyxIt! 12 has to be installed on the same machine.

Known problems

2 SwyxPhone firmware update FTP access

To configure SwyxPhone firmware update, SwyxWare Administration is able to retrieve the firmware information from the FTP server you configure. You do this by opening server properties, select tab page "SwyxPhone Firmware Update", enter the FTP server information and click "Get". On Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 R2 or newer the built-in firewall is enabled by default and blocks FTP traffic. If you click on "Get" without configuring the firewall, SwyxWare Administration will freeze.

To configure the firewall for FTP access, open a command prompt and enter these two commands:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule id="FTP (no SSL)" action=allow protocol=TCP dir=in localport=21

netsh advfirewall set global statefulftp enable

This applies to the firmware information retrieval via SwyxWare administration only. For the actual firmware update, SwyxPhones need FTP access to the server you have configured.

3 Active Directory Extension

SwyxWare Administration 12 package contains the "Active Directory Integration" component. This component integrates into the Microsoft "Active Directory Users and Computers" MMC snap-in allowing basic SwyxWare Administration tasks directly from this snap-in.

Using Active Directory Extension on 64bit Platforms

On a 64bit platform, the Active Directory Extension is available only for the 64bit version of the "Active Directory Users and Computers" MMC snap-in.

Windows 7 x64 Edition: These editions do not have any Active Directory tools installed by default. You must install a 64bit version of "Windows Server 2008 Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista" and run the 64bit version of the "Active Directory Users and Computers" MMC snap-in to use Active Directory Extension.

4 Remote Admin Connector Installation (SwyxON)

Via "Remote Admin Connector" the Partner Level Administrators SwyxON can get access to the SwyxWare Administration of their customers to directly configure the corresponding UC Tenants. The "Remote Admin Connector" is included into the SwyxWare installation package, though it can only be installed by applying the corresponding command line parameter as described below.

  1. In the Command Prompt navigate to the folder with the installation package.
  2. Start the installation with the following command:
  3. msiexec /i Admin64.msi RemoteAdminConnector=1

    SwyxWare Setup window appears.

  4. Select from the drop down list "Remote Admin Connector", click on "Next >" and confirm your input.

Swyx Control Center

Swyx Control Center is a web-based configuration tool providing for customers a possibility to perform basic configuration of SwyxWare (server and user properties).

1 What's new in:

Swyx Control Center 12.00

2 Requirements

Swyx Control Center requires the IIS (Internet Information Service) running on the hosting computer. If this Windows feature has not been turned on yet, it will be automatically activated during the installation process. IIS must not be stopped during installation and operation of Swyx Control Center.

Swyx Control Center requires Swyx Management Service to be installed on the target system, please select this option during the SwyxWare installation process.

Swyx Control Center requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2, which is either part of the Windows operating system or can be installed via Windows Update.

3 Installation / Update

To install Swyx Control Center click on the corresponding link on the DVD. Swyx Control Center can also be installed via the respectively named .msi file.

You can also start the installation of Swyx Control Center by opening it via the command line. Start the installation with the command "msiexec /i". You can control the scope and the progress of the installation with certain parameters, e. g.:

msiexec /i "SwyxControlCenter.msi" /passive /l*v MyLogFile.txt WEBSITEFOLDER= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Swyx" INSTALLPORT=9443 INSTALLSHORTCUT=1 SHOULDUNINSTALLIIS=0

You can use the following parameters:

Parameter Explanation
msiexec /i Start of installation
SwyxControlCenter.msi Name of installation file. Please check that the name of the MSI installation file is correct
/passive Use this parameter to display the installation progress bar. No prompts or error messages are displayed. The installation cannot be aborted
/l*v <FileName>.txt Use this parameter to record the installation process in a log file
WEBSITEFOLDER This option allows you to set the directory in which the IIS-Website is to be installed. Standard value: /swyxcontrolcenter
INSTALLPORT This option allows you to set the port for the IIS web site, (from 1 to 65535) default value: 9443
INSTALLSHORTCUT You can use this option to specify whether a desktop shortcut is to be stored for the call (=0:no, Default value: =1:yes)
SHOULDUNINSTALLIIS With this option you can define if IIS should be deactivated during SwyxWare uninstallation (=1:yes, default value: =0:no)

After a successful installation you can open Swyx Control Center via the windows start menu, or call it up via the URL in a web browser. The standard URL will be, if you keep the default installation parameters.


1 What's new in:

SwyxIt! 12.00

2 Installation

The following items are required for the installation and operation of SwyxIt!:

Audio input/output equipment:

Execute the SwyxIt! setup .msi file and follow the installation instructions. For further information, including instruction for unattended installation, please refer to the SwyxIt! User Documentation.

TAPI for Windows Terminal Services

On a Windows Terminal Server the Swyx TSP can provide an arbitrary number of lines. During the setup of SwyxIt! with enabled feature "TSP" on server, the properties dialogue of the TSP appears.

On a server the dialogue allows to change the number of available lines. If the number is changed later on, the telephony service must be restarted.

For each user an individual TSP line must be configured:

  1. Configure the TSP to use the number of lines corresponding to the number of SwyxIt! users planned for the terminal server access
  2. Assign to each TSP line one Windows user account (see below).
  3. Within a terminal window only assigned lines will be visible. Only administrators will see all lines.

  4. In the TAPI applications, running in a terminal client window of the same user, select the same TSP line. If you have assigned the windows users correctly, only one line will be visible and wrong configuration is avoided.
  5. Select the same TSP line within SwyxIt! (local settings, tab Terminal Server), running in a terminal client window of the same windows user. If you have assigned the windows users correctly, only one line will be visible and wrong configuration is avoided.
  6. Assign exactly one TSP line to one user. This is required for a proper association between TSP lines and terminal client sessions.

To enable or disable a Telephony Server:

  1. Execute the following command in the Command Prompt: TapiMgmt.msc
  2. In the console tree, click the plus sign (+) next to Telephony to expand the item, and then select the required server.
  3. On the Action menu, select 'Properties'.
  4. On the 'Setup' tab, activate the 'Enable telephony server' check box.

If the 'Enable telephony server' check box is unavailable, you need to start the Telephony service first:

  1. Select 'Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services'.
  2. In the context menu of 'Telephony' select 'Start'.

After you enable the server, specify a logon account in the Account Information area.

The logon account you specify must be a member of the Administrators group on the server. It must also be in the same domain as the server or in a domain that has a two-way trust relationship with the domain containing the server.

How to Assign a Telephony User to a Line or Phone:

  1. In the console tree of the Telephony command console, select the required service provider (e.g., 'Unimodem 5 Service Provider').
  2. In the 'Details' pane, in the 'Line Name' or 'Phone Name' area, select the corresponding line or phone.
  3. On the 'Action' menu, select 'Edit Users | Add'.
  4. In the 'Look in' box, click the domain that contains the user.
  5. Select the required user, and then click on 'Add'.

These steps define whether clients can use the telephony devices accessible to the server. Changes take effect the next time the computer attempts to start the TAPI service. To manage the Telephony service, you must be a telephony administrator on the server or logged on as an administrator. If the user assignment menu entries are disabled, please try to log on as local administrator.

3 Updating

Updating SwyxIt! versions 2015 R40.3 or newer is supported by the installation program. Run the SwyxIt! setup msi file and follow the installation instructions. For further information, please refer to the SwyxIt! user documentation.

Microsoft Web Service Enhancement 3 (WSE 3.0) is no longer required for SwyxIt!. If you update from an earlier version, it is safe to remove WSE 3.0 either after or before updating SwyxIt!

The new Swyx VisualContacts feature will not be installed when updating from an older SwyxIt! version. Run the setup again after the update, select the custom installation option ("Modify") and select "VisualContacts AddIn" to install it.

The new DATEV integration will be installed automatically when DATEV has been detected on the system. If you install DATEV after SwyxIt!, run the SwyxIt! setup again. Select the custom installation option and then the DATEV AddIn to install it.

4 Hints

TeamViewer Compatibility

Collaboration with TeamViewer is supported with TeamViewer 8 or higher. It is highly recommended to use TeamViewer 9 or newer. If your network environment requires a https proxy and the proxy configuration is automatically detected by Internet Explorer, please make sure to use the latest TeamViewer version.

Swyx Meeting

"Swyx Meeting" is an additional collaboration tool for up to 5 participants. Swyx Meeting supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To start a Swyx Meeting session the moderator requires an account registered by the associated Swyx partner, other participants may join without registration. If it is a first-time installation for SwyxIt! 11.38 (or higher), Swyx Meeting will be set as the default collaboration tool.

Headset H390

When using the Headset H390, the SwyxIt! volume slider does not work correctly. The device maintains its own volume control and does not respond to the master volume of the corresponding Windows mixer. For changing the volume of that headset please use the volume buttons on the device.

Headset H370/H371 as Ringing device

Per default the SwyxIt! audio devices H370 and H371 cannot be configured as ringing device. The H370 and H371 will always signal incoming calls with device specific ringtones. Nevertheless, it is possible to enable the configuration as ringing device via a registry value:

  1. In the Windows Registry Editor, navigate to the key which contains the settings for the Jabra SwyxIt! PlugIn:
  2. On 32 bit systems:


    On 64 bit systems:


  3. Add a DWORD (32-Bit) value inside that key named "GN93xxRingingDevice" and set the value to "1"

The only purpose of this setting is to render the notification tone for calls being on hold at the H370 or H371. For example, if a transferred call is not accepted by the transferee, this call will be put on hold after a timeout and the notification tone will be rendered at the ringing device.

Headset/Handset as default Windows audio device

In some rare cases SwyxIt! audio could be disturbed when a SwyxIt! audio device is also used as Windows default sound device. If you observe such problems, try using a different audio device as Windows default sound device and do not use your headset or handset for Windows sound output.

Office Communication AddIn

In Microsoft Office 2010 a Rich Presence state of contacts sometimes is shown with delay or not until hovering over with the cursor.

In Microsoft Office 2013 a Rich Presence state of the member of a group is lost after hovering over with the cursor until the Office application has been restarted.

From the contact card or the context menu of an Office contact only audio calls can be initialised via SwyxWare.

After installation of the Office Communication AddIn, only presence information of SwyxIt! is shown within Office applications. To show the presence information from other IM clients, this AddIn must be uninstalled first. Detailed instructions are available in the SwyxWare Knowledge base (kb-Article 4552).

After installation of the Office Communication AddIn and first start of SwyxIt!, Office applications must be restarted once to enable status signalling.

Swyx Connector for Skype for Business

Swyx Connector for Skype for Business will only work, if the "Office Communication AddIn" is disabled during installation of SwyxIt!. This setting can also be done via the Control Panel: 'Programs and features | SwyxIt! | Change | Modify'.

Swyx VisualGroups

1 What's new in:

Swyx VisualGroups

Swyx VisualGroups

Swyx VisualGroups

The Swyx VisualGroups extension provides intelligent queuing capabilities for your SwyxWare. Swyx VisualGroups is useful for all teams who want to handle more incoming calls more effectively.

Swyx VisualGroups is licensed as a floating license on a user basis. There are two licenses available: a standard version and an enhanced version with reports and statistics.

It is recommended to license Swyx VisualGroups in SwyxWare prior to installation and configuration. If you use SwyxWare with the included evaluation license, you can install VisualGroups to benefit from five free VisualGroups Enhanced licenses during the evaluation phase.

Swyx Push Notification Service

The Push Notification component is required for SwyxMobile for iOS/Android.

Push notifications are available in the Swyx Mobile clients from version 2.x onwards.

Swyx Mobile clients 1.x with no integrated support for push notifications, will still work with a SwyxServer version 11 and onwards, but will not profit from the benefits mentioned above and will not be developed any further in the future.

Requirements for a Firewall:

To guarantee the data transfer between the Push Notification Service and the corresponding Apple/Google push notification gateways, make sure, that the required ports on the Internet firewall are open:

iOS Devices:

Outbound TCP connections to port 443 on api.push.apple.com

Android Devices:

Outbound TCP connections to port 443 on fcm.googleapis.com

Push notification gateways may use different IP addresses with the above mentioned DNS names. Allow connections to the DNS names, not specific IP addresses.