help | 10 Starting and receiving phone calls | Managing two active calls
10.10 Managing two active calls
You can switch back and forth between two lines if, during an active call, you add a second call or another call comes in.
To add a second call 
1 While the call is active, tap on +.
*A dialog window appears:
2 Select a contact from your Contact, Favorites or Recents lists.
*The contact profile appears.
3 Tap on the telephone receiver symbol next to the number you would like to dial,
select Keypad, enter a number and tap on the Pick up receiver button.
*Both call partners are displayed next to one another. The active party’s profile picture is shown with a blue circle.
Switching between two active lines (Toggle) 
1 Tap on the profile picture of the contact you would like to be connected to.
*The active call is placed on hold, and you will be connected with the new party directly.
2 Tap on the profile picture of the call partner on hold to switch back.
Last modified date: 03.08.2022