10.6 Transferring calls
With Swyx Mobile for iOS, you can easily transfer an accepted phone call to another contact or to another device, e. g. SwyxIt!.
To transfer an active call to another contact 
1 While the call is active, tap on.
*A dialog window appears:
2 Select a contact from your Contact, Favorites or Recents lists.
*The contact profile appears.
3 Tap on the telephone receiver symbol next to the number you would like to call,
select Keypad, enter a number and tap on the Pick up receiver button.
*The call of your previous call partner is put on hold, your call partner hears music on hold.
4 Tap on the Hang up receiver button.
*The active call partner can now accept the call directly.
For further information, please refer to Starting and ending conference calls.
To transfer an active phone call to another device 
1 While the call is active, tap on .
*A dialog window appears:
2 Tap on Device transfer.
*All devices you have been logged on are ringing.
3 Pick up the call on the desired device (e. g. SwyxIt!) and continue the call.
If you reject the call on the other device, it will be retransfered to Swyx Mobile for iOS automatically.
Last modified date: 03.08.2022