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10.5 Managing incoming calls
Several options are available after accepting an incoming call. You can
*mute the call
*activate the hands-free feature
*transfer the call to another contact, or
*start a conference call with two or more parties.
For further information, please refer to Starting and ending conference calls.
To answer a call 
1 If your iPhone or iPad is locked, slide Accept to answer the call.
*You can now talk via your iPhone or iPad to your call partner.
2 Tap on Swyx Mobile if you want to switch from the native iPhone/iPad app to the Swyx Mobile for iOS App to use further Swyx Mobile options.
1 If your iPhone or iPad is not locked, tap on Accept.
*You can now talk via your iPhone or iPad to your call partner.
In this case the change to Swyx Mobile for iOS app takes place automatically.
You can find all entries of Swyx Mobile calls in the Swyx Mobile recents list as well as in the recents list of the native iPhone phone application. From both lists you are able to initiate calls.
To answer a call while on a call (respond to a second call) 
You are already on a call and get a new one.
1 Tap on Hold & Accept to put the first call on hold and answer the new one.
*The subscriber on hold will hear music on hold.
2 Tap on End & Accept to end the first call and answer the new one.
3 Tap on Decline to ignore the call.
To reject a call 
1 Tap on Reject.
*The call will be stopped immediately.
Last modified date: 03.08.2022