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1 Introduction
Swyx Mobile for iOS is a user-friendly VoIP solution, designed for an easy and intuitive communication with your contacts. Together with our telephony server SwyxServer, it turns your iPhone or your iPad into a powerful telephone system.
From Swyx Mobile for iOS version 2.0 the Swyx Push Notification Service is supported. With this service server services can send notifications to client applications to notify them of certain events. With this technology the client’s constant chance queries become obsolete. In addition this service makes the communication between server and client more efficient and thus saves battery. The Push Notification Service for iOS provides a more seamless operating system integration of the Swyx Mobile for iOS client. Therefore you can use the telephony functions provided by the Swyx Push Notification Service directly via the operating system’s application (CallKit integration).
An overview on the technical and functional features of Swyx Mobile for iOScan be found in chapter Feature overview.
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Last modified date: 03.08.2022