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18.3 No connection to SwyxServer
Proceed as follows if Swyx Desktop for macOS has no connection to SwyxServer 
1 Make sure you know your password. If not, please ask your administrator to create a new one.
2 Go to the welcome email you received from your administrator.
Please ask your administrator to send it to you again, if you no longer have it.
3 In the welcome email, click on Configure your macOS or iOS client.
4 Enter your password in the dialog that opens.
5 Click on Log in.
All necessary settings are automatically entered into Swyx Desktop.
How to proceed in case of error message "SwyxClientError: request error -1003 
1 Check whether your VPN connection exists.
It is possible that it was disconnected due to inactivity.
How to proceed in case of a 404 error 
If you receive a "404" error when connecting to the server, a valid client certificate may be missing on your terminal device. In this case, contact your administrator. He reassigns it to you or generates a new one.
For further information, please refer to SwyxWare documentation for administrators.
How to proceed if Swyx Desktop for macOS cannot connect to SwyxServer despite an active VPN connection 
1 Click on Settings and select the tab Server.
2 Remove the entry for Internal server or
3 set the Remote Connector mode to Always.
4 Then click Login in the Account tab.
Last modified date: 12.22.2021