10.13 Select a ringtone
Would you like to change the ringtone for incoming calls you receive via Swyx Desktop for macOS and assign dedicated ringtones for specific contacts?
To select a global ringtoneĀ 
1 In the menu bar, click on Swyx Desktop | Preferences.
2 Under Audio , click on Ringtone.
3 Select between Swyx Ringtones
4 select an audio file from your Mac by clicking on Add ringtone....
All future calls you receive via Swyx Desktop for macOS, will be signalled with the configured ringtone. With the exception of contacts or groups you have assigned an individual ringtone.
To assign your contact an individual ringtoneĀ 
1 Click within your contact list on the contact you want to assign an individual ringtone.
*The contact profile opens.
2 Click on the entry below the Ringtone option, e.g. App Ringtone.
3 In the Ringtone for [Contact] dialogue box, select a ringtone specified by Swyx Desktop or
4 select an audio file available on your Mac.
When you receive a call from this contact, the configured ringtone sounds. All other calls from your contacts will be signalled via the global ringtone.
Ringtones individually assigned to contacts or groups remain unchanged even if the global Swyx Desktop for macOS ringtone has been modified.
Last modified date: 12.22.2021