10.1 Using a headset
With Swyx Desktop for macOS, you can use your integrated Mac microphone and speaker (default) or a headset to make calls. The corresponding audio settings can be adjusted at any time.
To use a Bluetooth headsetĀ 
1 Connect a headset to your Mac.
2 Click on Settings and select Audio.
3 From the drop-down list, select your connected headset for both the speaker and microphone.
If you no longer want to use your headset, you can always choose to return to your Mac's speaker and microphone at this point.
These settings only concern the incoming and outgoing channel of the phone calls. They have no influence of the acoustic signalling of incoming calls, which will be controlled via the operating system. If you want to prefer acoustic signalling of incoming calls for example also via a connected headset, you have to change the system settings of the operating system.
Using a Bluetooth headset on a Mac requires a USB dongle.
Last modified date: 12.22.2021