help | 2 Feature overview
2 Feature overview
*Managing and searching contacts
*Creating and managing Favorites
*Importing and displaying Apple Contacts
Status indication
*Do not disturb
*Entering personal status messages
*Transferring calls
*Muting your microphone
*Adjusting the volume of your microphone and speaker
*Switching between two active call partners (Toggle)
*Starting and ending conference calls
*Assign specific ringtones
*Dialing via Callto/Tel or SwyxTel links
*Controlling a certified SIP desktop phone using CTI mode
Call forwarding
*Forwarding calls according to status information
Voice mail
*Playing received voice mails
*Displaying date and time of all calls
*Displaying missed calls
*Initiating calls directly from the Recents list
*Single chats between two participants
*Group chats with multiple participants
Last modified date: 12.17.2021