help | 16 Uninstall Swyx Desktop for macOS
16 Uninstall Swyx Desktop for macOS
You want to uninstall Swyx Desktop for macOS. The following steps are necessary.
To uninstall Swyx Desktop for macOS 
1 Open Applications in the finder.
2 Open the contextmenu on Swyx Desktop for macOS and select Move to trash.
3 In the menu bar click Go | Go to folder.
4 Enter “~/Library/Containers/com.swyx.Swyx-Desktop/” in the input field.
5 Click on Open.
6 Select all objects and open the context menu.
7 Click on Move to trash.
8 Open the context menu of the trash and click on Empty trash.
*Swyx Desktop for macOS and all associated data will be deleted.
Last modified date: 12.17.2021