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12 Chat
From SwyxWare version 12.10 onwards, an extensive Instant Messaging function is also available in Swyx Desktop for macOS. You can communicate with one or more participants via text messages.
For the provision of the Swyx Messenger (Chat) user-related data will be transmitted to and processed by our order processor, Voiceworks B.V. (also part of the Enreach Group) on the basis of a corresponding order processing contract. These products require the transmission of various data such as IP address, login data, chat messages and names of communication partners each time they are used. Please note your duty to inform your users according to Art. 13/14 GDPR.
Requirements for sending instant messages
*Both users must either use the Messenger function of
SwyxIt!, Swyx Desktop for macOS, Swyx Mobile for iOS or Swyx Mobile for Android.
There must be an Internet connection.
Sending and receiving photos, videos and documents is currently not yet possible in Swyx Desktop for macOS. If you have received a photo, video or document on another Swyx Mobile client, you will only be informed within the chat.
Last modified date: 12.17.2021