help | 9 Adding and removing favorites
9 Adding and removing favorites
You can mark colleagues and business partners you frequently speak with as favorites. Contacts added to the favorites list are available via speed dial, i.e. the call is started directly by clicking on the respective profile picture.
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations. If you have any questions in particular concerning data protection regulations in SwyxWare, please contact your administrator.
Personal data cannot be deleted automatically. In order to meet the valid data protection regulations, it may be necessary to delete the entries manually.
To add a contact to your favorites 
1 Click on a contact you would like to add to your favorites.
*The corresponding contact profile opens in the center of the window.
2 Click on the star next to the phone number you would like to add as a speed dial number.
The contact will now appear in your favorites.
To remove a contact from your favorites 
1 Click on a contact you would like to remove from your favorites.
2 Click on the yellow star next to the phone number.
*The star is grey and the contact is removed from your favorites list.
Alternatively you can delete the contact using the option Remove [Contact] from favorites in the context menu.
To arrange your favorites order 
1 Click with the left mouse button on the favorite you want to move and hold the button.
2 Move the favorite to the position you prefer.
3 Release the button.
Your favorite is moved to the position you selected.
The function of favorites order arrangement is only available on a macOS version greater than Yosemite.
Last modified date: 12.17.2021