4.7 Search
The search field is a multifunctional field, which can be used simultaneously for searching as well as for direct dialling. In addition, letter dialling (vanity phone number) is supported, in which you can represent a phone number by a sequence of letters.
Direct dialling via the search field
If you enter a phone number, you can start the call setup directly by pressing the Enter key. You do not need to activate the search field to enter data. No matter where you are in Swyx Desktop for macOS, the input you make is automatically written into the search field. This makes it possible to establish a call with just a few entries and clicks.
When you enter the phone number, the matching contacts are also displayed in the respective list in which you are at the time of the search (contact or recents list).
If your call is not answered, the phone number remains in the search field. This means that you can immediately start a new attempt by pressing the Enter key without having to enter your phone number again.
Enter a name
As soon as you enter a name in the search field, the contact or recents list is hidden and the search results are automatically updated and semantically grouped as you enter each character. Select the desired contact in the list and select the telephone number that you want to use to reach him or her.
Vanity phone number
A vanity phone number is the method of representing a phone number using letters. You use the letter that is assigned to a certain number according to the standard telephone keypad. The vanity number "Swyx" would therefore correspond to the phone number "7999".
Clear search field
By pressing the ESC key you can delete the contents of the search field, e.g. if the call was not successful or you want to make a new search entry.
Last modified date: 12.22.2021