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Global abbreviated dialing
Abbreviated dialing codes can also be stored in the Global Phonebook, for use by all users of this server. An abbreviated dialing code (e.g. #11) is stored instead of a name, and is linked to a number.
The global abbreviated dialing codes always begin with a hash symbol (#).
If you dial "#11", for example, this input is not interpreted as a number: it is resolved using the Global Phonebook. The stored number will be dialed.
If you are authorized to change the Global Phonebook, you can also store global abbreviated dialing codes with the help of SwyxIt!. To do this, create a new entry in the Global Phonebook and enter the dialing code of your choice in the "Name" field.
Remember that the entry must begin with exactly one hash symbol. Two hash symbols are used e.g. for controlling other functions: e.g. ##10 starts Remote Inquiry, and thus cannot be used as a global abbreviated dialing code.
Last modified date: 07/09/2019