The Graphical Script Editor Examples Example “Intelligent Redirection to Another Number”
Example “Intelligent Redirection to Another Number”
In this script, the subscriber number dialled will be determined first. Only in one (in this case: 270) will this rule be executed, otherwise the rule will be skipped and the next rule of the Call Routing Manager can be applied.
The variables “Input” and “Input Status”, which will be used later, are set. Then a welcome announcement is played and the caller is prompted to enter a three digit number (via DTMF). The call will be redirected to this number. If the redirection is successful, the script is ended and no other rule will be executed.
If the redirection is not successful, or if an input error was made, the status will be set to “Second Input” and an input request for a three digit number will once again be made. If the subsequent redirection is not successful, then the call will be redirected to Voicemail, a message will be recorded and sent as an e-mail.
During all announcements, the caller has the option of cancelling the script with ‘#’ and to be directly connected to the Voicemail.