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Get Queue Attributes
The detailed information corresponding to the queue can be saved here in different variables. The following detailed information is available:
* Queue ID
Every queue has an unique ID. This is a system-wide identification number of a queue.
* Called party
Gives the destination of the call, which is in the queue. This can be a SwyxWare user or a group.
* Current Length of Queue
Gives the current number of calls, which are in the queue.
* Maximum length of the queue
Gives the maximum number of calls, which can be added to the queue.
* Average Call Duration
Gives the average duration of calls, which are in the queue. This value is used for determining the estimated wait time. It can only be hypothetically set.
The value of the field "Average call duration" should be entered in seconds. This value will be converted before the voice output in minutes, rounded and shown.
* Queue Timeout
This value indicates how long a call (in seconds) can stay in the queue.
* Music on Hold
The music on hold is a file in WAV format, which is played in a loop for all callers in the queue. This music on hold can be interrupted by individual announcements, such as the announcement concerning the position of the call in the queue and / or the announcement concerning the estimated wait.
* Announcement before and after the position information
These parameters define the announcement files, which are to be played before and after the position announcement. The position information itself can played via an announcement file using the "Play String" block.
* Announcements before and after the time to wait information
Gives the announcement files, which should be played before and after the wait time announcement. The wait time information itself can played via an announcement file using the "Play String" block.
* TimeBetweenWav
Gives the time interval in seconds to be kept between the individual announcements.
This action will be terminated, if
* the selected parameters of the queue, from which the variables were successfully read, or
* errors occurred when setting the parameters (e.g. no queue with the corresponding ID exists), or
* the call has been terminated.
Under "Properties", all three tabs "General", "Parameters" and "Connections" tabs are available for this block.
This is how you define the parameters for “Call Queue Attributes”
1 Select here the queue from the drop-down list. This is used to define from which queue the attributes should be called.
2 Select the corresponding variables, in which the called parameters should be saved.
3 Click on “OK”.
The “Call Queuel Attributes” block can be seen on the grid interface and it available for further processing.