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Record Message
The block “Record Message” is used to record a caller’s message. It is possible to have a beep played before recording begins. The recording time can be limited (Timeout) so that the resulting file does not become too large. The recording of a message can also be terminated when silence occurs. The duration of silence can be defined.
While recording a message it is possible for a DTMF tone to be received and stored in a variable.
Please note that the recording of a message will be interrupted by a DTMF tone.
The action is terminated
* when the caller goes on hook (termination of the call) or
* when the Timeout has expired.
* After receiving a DTMF character or
* After a defined pause.
Please note that only one recorded message will be saved. Only the message recorded and saved last can be sent using the block “Send E-mail”.
Please remember that it makes sense to limit the length of the message because, depending on the compression used, each recorded second of a Voicemail requires 2 to 16KB of memory space (therefore, an announcement which is 14 seconds long requires, e.g. 28 to 224 KB, and an announcement which is 1:21 minutes long requires up to 1.2 MB).
Under "Properties", all three tabs "General", "Parameters" and "Connections" tabs are available for this block.
This is how you define the parameters for “Record Message”
1 Enter how long the caller’s message should be recorded in the field “Maximum message length … seconds” (Timeout). This value can also come from a variable, if so desired.
2 Activate the option “Play beep sound before recording” to signal the start of recording to the caller.
3 If you would like to save the name of the recorded file in a variable, activate this option and define the variable.
4 Define whether and with which DTMF character the caller can use to cancel this action.
In doing so, define whether the character entered should be saved in a variable and whether
* the contents of the variable should be replaced, or
* whether it should be appended to the contents of the variable.
5 If you activate "Interrupt on Silence", the recording a message will be terminated after a pause in speech. Here you can define how long the pause should be which results in the termination of the recording. The length of the pause can also be defined via a variable.
6 Click on “OK”.
The “Record Message” block can be seen on the grid interface and it available for further processing.