The Graphical Script Editor Blocks Optional Blocks-Actions Wait for Disconnect
Wait for Disconnect
A call can continue to be monitored using the block “Wait for Disconnect”. This requires that a call be picked up by the script and successfully forwarded, using the blocks “Connect to”, “Loop” or “FollowMe”, for example. After the call has ended or a defined time period, other non-call specific actions can be carried out such as database access.
Please note in the case of the exit "Timeout" that, although the connection still exists in principle, the forwarded call cannot be retrieved or forwarded to another subscriber. You can only end this connection using the bloc "Disconnect Call".
The action is terminated
* if the connection has been disconnected (e.g. by going on hook).
* if the connection still exists after a defined time period (if Timeout has been activated).
Under "Properties", all three tabs "General", "Parameters" and "Connections" tabs are available for this block.
This is how you define the parameters for Wait for Disconnect
1 Activate the option “Timeout” if this block should be exited in any case after the entered time period, even if the connection still exists.
2 Define the time period in seconds. To do this you can also use a variable.
3 Click on “OK”.
The “Wait for Disconnect” block can be seen on the grid interface and it available for further processing.