The Graphical Script Editor Blocks The General Structure of a Block Name of the block Input
In the upper left corner of the block, you will see the “Input” contact surface. It contains the symbol of the block type. This surface serves as an entry point for the connection lines between the blocks. Each block has exactly one input.
On the right-hand side of the block you will find the contact surfaces for the outputs. These are also occupied by symbols or abbreviations. You can define a description for each output. These are shown in the block. The number of outputs depends on the block type. Each block has at least one output. You can connect these outputs to the input of the block which follows.
To find out more about creating a connection, see This is how you connect two blocks.
Block Type
You will see the block type in the bottom line. An overview of the different block types can be found in Overview.
Comments Mark
As soon as you have entered a comment on the “General” tab, a mark will appear in the upper right corner. If you move the mouse over the comments mark, the QuickInfo containing the text for this mark will open.