The Graphical Script Editor Blocks The General Structure of a Block Name of the block Name of the block
Name of the block
You will find the name of the block in the top line. If the block is activated during processing, the name will be highlighted in blue. If it is deactivated, the background is pale blue. In the default setting, each block has a name, which corresponds to the block type or the set parameters contained in this block. You can give each block an individual, identifying name.
This is how you rename a block
1 Click the block to activate it.
* Select "Edit | General…" from the toolbar or
* Go to the menu bar and click directly on .
1 Click with the right mouse button on the block.
The block will be activated and the shortcut menu appears.
2 Select “General…”.
In each case, the “General” tab of the “Properties of <Block name>” page of the selected block will be opened.
3 Enter the name you want for the block in the field “Name”.
4 Click on “OK”.
The “Properties of <Block name>” page will close and the new name of the block will appear.