The Graphical Script Editor Variables and System Functions Use of Variables
Use of Variables
If you would like to use a variable or a system function in a script, begin the entry in this window with the equal sign (=). This will indicate to the the Graphical Script Editor that the following text is an expression, which consists of individual character sequences and variables. This expression will then be analyzed when the Graphical Script Editor is running. If there is no equal sign at the beginning of the entry window, the contents of the entry field will only be interpreted as a string by the Graphical Script Editor.
You would like to forward a call to an number that is mathematically the result of the number called (CalledNumber()) called.
To do this, open the “Properties of Connect” page of the block “Connect”. Now enter in the “Connect call for xx seconds” field the expression
=CalledNumber() + 100
and then the caller will then be redirected to number ‘334’ when he dials the extension ‘234’.
If you mistakenly enter only “CalledNumber() + 100” (without an equal sign =), this will lead to a misconnection.