The Graphical Script Editor Scripts Modifying a Script
Modifying a Script
In the Call Routing Manager you will find scripts which have already been created using in the the Graphical Script Editor. These are marked as a runable script with a or as a draft with a in the Call Routing Manager. These can be opened, modified, and saved under a different name.
This is how you open an existing rule script
1 Open the Call Routing Manager in SwyxIt!.
2 Highlight an existing rule in the Call Routing Manager.
3 Click on "Modify".
1 Double-click on the desired line.
the Graphical Script Editor will appear with the selected rule.
This is how you open an existing action script
1 Open the Call Routing Managers in SwyxIt!.
2 Click on "Sequence of Actions".
The window“Sequence of Actions – Definition” appears.
3 In the upper left you will see the name of the highlighted sequence of actions. On the left side in the middle you will find all of the available actions. The actions created using the Graphical Script Editor are marked with the symbol.
4 Click with the right mouse button on a highlighted action. The context menu will open.
5 Now select ”Modify GSE action”.
The Graphical Script Editor will be opened and it contains the script for the selected action.
You can now modify the selected script by adjusting the parameters of the blocks to meet your conditions or by adding or deleting other blocks.
Please note that you cannot insert the script you just edited or sequences of action, which are contained in this script, into this sequence of actions (no recursive use). The corresponding sequences of action are deactivated in the list.