The Graphical Script Editor How does the Graphical Script Editor work? Disconnected
During call handling, a caller can disconnect the call at any time (e.g. by going on hook). Here you can determine what happens with the call information in such cases, e.g. whether an e-mail with the number of the caller is sent. For this purpose, use the block “Disconnected”, whose entry is shown as not connected in the default setting, is used for this definition. As soon as a telephone call is disconnected, the block “Disconnected” is started by all other blocks, in which a period of time passes during call handling (e.g. announcements or recordings). The blocks, which are connected to its output, are processed if this is possible without an existing connection. By default, the block “Call disconnected” is directly connected to the end of the script (block “Rule executed”).
The start of the block “Disconnected” cannot be connected from other blocks. It is always started directly.
If a script ends with the block “Rule skipped”, the Call Routing Manager will apply the next rules for call handling, even if the connection no longer exists. In a rule created using the Graphical Script Editor, the first block, which involves a delay for processing, will once again result in a jump to the “Disconnected” block. All blocks, which do not require any time, such as the decisions and even the block “Send E-mail”, will be run. In a rule of the Rule Wizard, no more actions will be executed. An exception is the action “Send E-mail”.