The Graphical Script Editor How does the Graphical Script Editor work? Menus The Insert Menu
The Insert Menu
In this menu you will find the blocks, sub-divided into individual groups, which can be added to the script.
Menu Command
Additional Menu
All blocks in which the caller is played an announcement:
Say Number, see
Say Date, see
Blocks in which the caller’s message is recorded:
Connect To
All blocks in which the forwarding of a call is dealt with: See
Connect To, see
Hold, see
Activate, see
All blocks in which a recorded message is forwarded: See
Send email, see
Voicemail, see
All blocks in which DTMF characters are received: See
Terminate call
Block in which the connection to the caller is terminated: See
All blocks in which decisions are made based on defined conditions:
See Situation, see
Call, see
Date/Time, see
Blocks in which variables are defined and analyzed:
See Set Variable, see
Block with which actions are executed that were created using the Graphical Script Editor:
Mail (IMAP4)
Blocks, which are used for the access to and management of a mailbox:
Call Queue
Blocks, which are used for managing calls within a queue:
Adds a note with information to the script ( Notes).