The Graphical Script Editor
The Graphical Script Editor
The Graphical Script Editor is an additional component of the Call Routing Managers software, which offers the user a comfortable interface and it helps to clearly illustrate especially complex rules for call handling. The rules created in this way - as those created with the Rule Wizard- will be saved on the SwyxServer and in the run in the set sequence in the Call Routing Managers. The Graphical Script Editor provides the user with simple symbols and tools to define the complex processes for the handling of the forwarding of incoming calls. The user can use a situation-related message to enter into a "dialog" with the caller and to save, forward, or play recorded messages. The Graphical Script Editor is a component of the option pack 'SwyxECR (Extended Call Routing)'.
This documentation describes how the Graphical Script Editor of SwyxWare works and how to define, check, and activate rules and actions.
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations.
A detailed description of how the the Graphical Script Editor works with the Call Routing Manager can be found in 2.2 Rule Wizard or Graphical Script Editor?, page 8.